Knife crime

The police officer in the anonymous letter states that they are not sufficiently equipped to handle crimes involving knives in the streets of London. Furthermore, there have been cuts in the staff of all five emergency services resulting in the tasks of each staff member to be much greater than what they are capable of […]

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Reversing Roe

Netflix original, Reversing Roe, is a powerful documentary about the ongoing political issue that is abortion. This has sparked a lot of disagreement between the two sides of the issue. According to Human Defensive Initiative (HDI), the Netflix original Reversing Roe is a pro-life biased documentary on the subject of abortion. HDI mentions that through the duration of the […]

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The Ides of March

The Ides of March is a film about the election process in the United States of America. It shows the process as more of a “dirty game” than a professional business. The chief of staff on the Democratic party, Paul Zara, has a line in this movie that has later been quoted numerous times; “There’s only […]

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I have a dream

The message of Martin Luther King, Jr’s. speech “I have a dream” is that America needs to change the way they treat black people. They have been “crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination” (Martin Luther King, Jr. 1963). Luther King, Jr. wants the people of America to go together hand […]

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The black lives matter movement

The Black Lives Matter movement or more known as “#blacklivesmatter” on social media, was a response to the murder of the African American, Trayvon Martin, whose murderer was George Zimmerman who fatally shot the high school kid who was unarmed. Although Zimmerman shot Martin, he was not convicted and was later released from custody under […]

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