The US Government Shutdown

As of December 22nd 2018, the US government have been shut down, this is having an impact on 800 000 federal workers and is resulting in 7000 employees working without getting paid. Today the shut down is 24 days long, making it the longest in history. The reason for the shutdown of the US government […]

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Thoughts on Of Mice and Men

The novel “Of Mice and Men” contains two protagonists, George and Lennie. They travel together between ranches to try and earn enough money to get by. George and Lennie had been to a handful of ranches already and the reason for why they have to wander so often is that trouble seemed to follow Lennie. […]

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Of mice and men

I’ve read the first 50 pages of John Steinbeck’s novel “Of Mice and Men” and so far I’m really enjoying it. We follow the two workers, George and Lennie, in their day to day life as they work on ranches as barley bucklers. At this time it was normal to arrive at a ranch, work for a […]

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One of the big questions roaming the US today is if Obamacare would continue to be implemented after the election of President Donald Trump. In this text I will roughly explain what exactly Obamacare is and ask whether it is still on the agenda in the US today. In 2008 Barack Obama was elected as […]

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Does Britain regret Brexit?

In 2016 the UK decided that they’re leaving the European Union. A referendum was held and the vote for leaving the EU won by 51,9% to 48,1%. They’re expecting to leave by the end of March 2019. The outcome of this referendum was called Brexit. However, do the Brits still want to leave? Have they […]

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The US midterm election of 2018

According to Trump’s statement, the midterm election was a success for the Republicans. Is his claim right? And does that mean it was a fail for the Democrats? The Republicans won important tossup seats in the Senate. But Democrats managed to flip many seats in the House, and they now have control of the lower […]

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The Northern Ireland conflict

The complicated conflict between Northern Ireland (British) and Ireland is basically a conflict between two groups of people who want the same land. The Protestants and the Republicans. While they may not completely disagree about historical events, they have different views and opinions on them. Ireland hasn’t always been a divided nation, it was following […]

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